Made to measure Shirts

It´s coming, it´s inevitable. The future of clothing is comfort.

Very often we hear people, especially women, say that men don´t care much about fashion or style. Some do, but most don´t, they say...Wrong!!! We do care, and much more than what they think. We are just not willing to pay such a high price to be stylish and to look good. The price of discomfort and stiffness in our shirts and pants, we value movement and free mobility.

But there is more. There is also the inconvenience of the especial care fashionable clothing requires, especially shirts, with the ironing... Luckily for men (for those who today pay the price to look good and those who don´t) that is changing extremely rapidly. 

 Bandidos Comfort is the line of shirts that are made to measure with elastic performance fabrics. This means that not only they are wrinkle free and ironing-free, but also they are the most comfortable shirt that you will ever wear. We know. We know. There are already in the market dress shirts made with some portion of spandex that are ¨elastic¨. Forget about it! That is like comparing apples and bananas! 

 Bandidos comfort is the high performance shirt, it is four-way stretch and super elastic, you will feel like in your jiu jitsu rash guard... But in a super elegant, great looking shirt.

 This is what usually happens when people consider ordering a Bandidos Comfort: They think it would be a good idea, especially for traveling, since you can take only one with you for many days (you can wash it in the hotel sink and dries in no time) and you don´t need to iron it. Then they get one, and it is so comfortable that they start wearing it to work, then everywhere, and then... they are hooked!

 It´s coming. Check them out!